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My name is Mareike, 30 years and I love to live in foreign countries, to discover their landscapes, experience different cultures and to help others to make a similar experience, to see the world.

For me, freedom is to do what makes you happy without thinking about what other might say, without worrying if you do the right thing, you will learn from it, just do it, cause in that moment it is a feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment that makes you happy and that’s life! Life is too short for postponing, you never know when yours ends.

A famous good read says it all:

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough! (Mae West)


Waterfall “Del Toro” 80m, Bajos del Toro,Costa Rica

2.5 years ago I moved my freedom to Costa Rica, where I design happiness for people coming to Costa Rica to experience and discover this wonderful country with its remarkable and unrivaled Flora and Fauna!


Cloud Forest Monteverde, Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica and how? It started already 12 years ago when I decided to specialize on foreign languages, I became a professional in “Commercial Assistant for Foreign Languages” including a 2-months Real Estate internship in Fort Lauderdale,FL, USA. After this stay abroad I got hooked with going abroad and my international path of life has started.

Employment with requirements of foreign languages was my “must” criteria, which led me working in International Event Management and afterwards working for the EU  (Aviation Safety). It was great, nice people, regular working hours, job and financial security … but I was too young to settle down, to get stuck at work, to put more significance on a 9-5 job than on exploring life! There is whole world outside and with just 20 years totally justified to quit my job and to discover the world!

As I am writing only an “about me” page, I make it short:

I went to Costa Rica in 2007 and stayed for almost 1.5 years. When I came back to Germany, I noticed I lost my heart in travelling, in living in another country, experiencing a new culture. I love my little beautiful 5000 inhabitant village, but I had to leave again. Next was studying International Business and Management Studies in the Netherlands, exchange in Argentina, travelling South America, back to Germany where I actually and very surprisingly felt in love with Munich and lingerie (worked for Triumph International  in Product Management and learned about some secrets). Yes, Munich can be arrogant and bitchy, but if you do it right, you connect to the nature, the location is just perfect to get around (train, car, flight) within or outside Germany and if you only meet few nice people, you will totally love Munich! I have to admit; I am missing the beer gardens very bad!

A temporary job for a Start-Up Company in Online marketing took me to Bristol, UK. Even though Bristol was named several times as the best city in UK to live in, I could not adapt to that country, I did not feel “home” I could not manage it. This experience brought me back to Germany with the decision that I will now stay in Germany, go back to Munich where your friends are, where it is easy to travel around, enjoy a nice beer after work in the park, living the City-lifestyle, good financial security etc. …. I was mistaken!

I had a very attractive job offer in Munich but also in Costa Rica at the same time. It was Munich vs Costa Rica.. so here I am back in Costa Rica, since October 2013 living my life, my definition of freedom, going on hotel inspections, making people happy and working on own projects!

In between all the years I travelled other countries like Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine, Colombia, Central America…! Still my travel heart belongs (till now) to Latin America, I just love the landscapes, the culture, people. However I am curious about to see more of Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka.. among others) I am open to fall in love again!

IMG_5222 (2)
Plaza de la Trinidad, Cartagena Colombia

I am working on this blog “MyGoAway” to share experiences, give recommendations with focus on hotels (3-5*), regions, best beaches, and also create individual vacations for Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, whatever you need and whatever you are looking for!

Questions, information, insiders, recommendations, especially regarding Latin-American or if need consultant about your stay abroad, let me know, I am happy to help you. I want you to discover the world, having a good time in another country! Get out of your comfort zone and:

“Design your dream vacation and go away”

Contact me: mygoawaytravel@gmail.com

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