2016 – No to procrastination

I do it tomorrow, I need to rest, I already cleaned my house today, I am hungry, need to do food shopping… all of the sudden you are getting creative and millions of excuses pop up when it comes to finally start something new like a new project, an assignment, a new work, your own business…

No,  2016 is not the year of procrastination – it is by the way a terrible long word, which anyways you do not want to use it very often – 2016 is the year of:

1. Getting out of your comfort zone!

You are always taking about your new blog you want to start, the brilliant business idea you want to develop, the half-marathon in London, extending your networking contact – DO IT!!! Your life begins at the end of  your comfort zone. Just start, write down your ideas, your goals and first milestones you want to reach. Follow them and you will go far away from your comfort zone, overcome your fears, starting live, improve yourself, and get the feeling of satisfaction, also if you fail, you probably will, but it does not matter at all, you only learn from failing! Stand up and go for it again and again and again… Winners never lose and never quit, they learn from failing until it leads to success. SO GO FOR IT – NOW!!! No more excuses! Don´t fool yourself, life is too short to do so.

2. Travel to disconnect

Travel as much as you can, as far as you can! Travel and get to know a new culture, get in touch with locals, understand their way of life. Visit at least 2 new places in 2016 to broaden your knowledge, wisdom, to reload your energy, to see different perspectives. Disconnect from your daylife, work, internet, worries, 5-year plan  and come back inspired by the places you have never been before!

3. Quit 

A list of  15 Things to Quit Today by Wanderlust is the perfect way to get closer to your goals in 2016!

15 Things to Quit Today

  1. Quit your worry habit.
  2. Quit waiting to get permission.
  3. Quit holding it in: Just go ahead and let yourself go.
  4. Quit being concerned with what other people think about your life.
  5. Quit waiting for someone to love you before you think you’re good enough.
  6. Quit movies you don’t enjoy. Just stand up, walk out, or turn off your TV.
  7. Quit books that are half-read and uninspiring.
  8. Quit making yourself sick by sticking it out (creating a surge in stress hormones like cortisol).
  9. Quit looking backwards and trying to understand why things happen.
  10. Quit comparing yourself to anyone else—even yourself at a different age.
  11. Quit waiting to start living your life once you have everyone—or everything—in order.
  12. Quit postponing the travels on your bucket list.
  13. Quit the job you hate.
  14. Quit social media and get over your fear of missing out.
  15. Quit waiting for things to be perfect before you get started.

4. Networking

Network is like family! Without networking – you would need to survive all alone in the hassle of business, internet. You need good contacts, your weakness is maybe the strength of your new contact and vice versa. Use your network in order to grow!! 

This post is my first one after a long time!

In 2016 I want to create an informative, appealing and interesting blog with special focus on hotels, beaches, activities, food and lifestyle of Costa Rica. This blog should aim to deliver informative content for agencies, private persons, online booking systems targeting among others Costa Rica as destination 2016 (corporative or private vacations). Long way to go, but still 362 days for 2016, and every day counts!!

Happy New Year and all the best for 2016!!




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